No Limits!™ finance

is 1 to 3 days business simulation board game for training finance literacy, enhancing knowledge of the main financial statements – profit or loss statement, balance sheet and cash flow. The game allows to experience few operations cycles in company life, teaching basics of accounting. Afterwards participants are working on creating budget for their own businesses. Training ends with learning main financial analysis indicators and developing customized KPIs. This business simulation is available in versions for agricultural, manufacturing, services and wholesales industries, and it is possible to tailor it for your company’s business.

Silega Expedition™ is a business simulation that places participants in a challenging and inspiring experience of climbing Mount Everest.

Silega Commander™ is a business simulation that helps participants unlock the hidden potential of their organization and achieve sustainable growth.

Silega Pulse™ is a highly-customizable, powerful business simulation. Five teams compete to outperform competition by creating more profit.

Silega Navigator™ was designed to address the specific challenges most companies face today.

Silega Cold War™ is a business simulation in which participants experience the most common obstacles to teamwork and inter-departmental alignment.