Wise Solomon has said: “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed” (Proverbs 15:22, Complete Jewish Bible), and “After consultation, plans succeed; so take wise advice when waging war” (Proverbs 20:18, CJB).

No Limits! development team offers you tailored development program, starting by surveying your team to discover improvement and learning areas, followed by individual and team coaching, business simulations for employees training, and business efficiency increase workshops.

AoN Best Employer study

Aon Best Employer study – one of world‘s leading consulting company Aon Hewitt survey methodology –

  • provides possibility to enhance the effectiveness of people management in the organization by focusing on the areas which have the greatest impact on its success.
  • Based on continuous researches and statistical data – while combining HRM facts and their perception by employees, it measures most important people perspective elements which influence business results of the company.
  • Survey results provides precise identification of strengths and areas for improvement and establishes priorities important for amplification of capabilities of the organization to create engaging work environment.
  • Comprehensive global and Europe database allows best practice sharing – provides possibility to benchmark with companies – “Best Employers” results, samples of organizations by size, area, industry.
  • Building on and maintaining a position of a company – Best Employer: enhancing attractiveness of the company in talent market.

Management of financial processes

Management of financial processes in the company can be likened to the electronics in the car – it can be rather primitive or being built using contemporary technological advancements, however it has to be in a car, to move forward and to show its driver car’s condition and performance – speed, oil and other liquids level, fuel consumption and other details. Smartly choosing your car, it is possible to save on following maintenance costs, fuel, taxes. If you are facing choosing your business “car” model, or are considering it’s capital maintenance or replacement, advice from finance professionals will be very valuable.

No Limits! team of professionals offers advisory and training services for your company’s processes management, looking from the angle of efficiency and finance:

  • choosing the most efficient enterprise form for your business
  • optimal team structure and efficiency increase tools implementation
  • accounting or enterprise resources planning (ERP) system’s evaluation, implementation and configuration for management information purposes
  • exciting hands-on training in accounting basics, forecasting and financial analysis
  • tax advisory
  • accounting services

Legal advice

No Limits! legal advice offers following services:

  • Commercial rights
    • preparation of documents for establishing a new company
    • preparation of all kinds of changes and amendments, share capital changes, reorganization of companies
    • representation in Company register of Latvia Republic
  • Debts collection (reminders, claims, warnings preparation, representation of client in communication with debtors)
  • Claims applications’ and other applications’ to the court preparation
  • Representation in courts and courts of arbitration
  • Every kind of contract, agreement and other documents’ preparation
  • Insolvency process for legal entities and individuals (insolvency application, preparation of creditor’s demand, securing client’s interests during all insolvency process)
  • Employment rights
  • Family rights (marriage divorce, solving spouses property relations disagreements, provisions collection, client’s representation in disagreements of interaction and charge rights)
  • Inheritance rights
  • Property deals, property administration and management legal guarantee
  • Representation of client in state and municipality instances